Why settle for off-the-shelf draperies when you and your home deserve so much more? With Gotcha Covered, you can frame your windows with a full range of custom fabric treatments. Whether casual, contemporary or traditional, our drapery panels are available in more than 1200 rich and bold fabrics in a wide range of textures.

Panels can look great in any home thanks to the following features –

-          Lighting Preference. Depending on the style of panels you order, your drapes can allow some light to filter through, or block outside light out completely.

-          Various Designs. Drapery panels can have a billowed look, or be designed with a pleated appearance. Whatever look you are seeking to achieve, chances are drapery panels can do the job.

-          Safety. Drapery panels can be pulled open and closed, eliminating the need for potential dangerous cords.

-          Endless Colors. Imagine any color that would fit perfectly in your room – chances are your panels can be made to match. The variety of textured fabrics available also add another dimension of style.

-          Combine with Sheer. Drapery panels can be installed over sheers to create a beautiful and functional layered window treatment.

-          Decorative Touches. Add another layer of imagination to your panels with cording, tassels, and hems. Any of these additions will give the panels a great customized look and can tie in complimentary colors from around the room.

Gotcha Covered is committed to helping you find the right treatments for you- regardless of your style or budget. Just use our zip code locator to find your local design consultant and to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today!